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Card Factory

As a business, we’ve come a long way.

Since our launch in 1997, we’ve become the fastest growing greetings card retailer in the UK, and now we stand as one of the leading lights of the industry. And we’re still growing. These days we have over 700 stores, in every corner of the UK, with more popping up all the time.

We sell a wide selection of cards, as well as presents, gift bags, paper, bows, ribbons and more. When it comes to special occasions, whatever you need, we’ve got it wrapped up!

Our philosophy is simple. We aim to produce top quality cards and products at affordable prices. After all, if it’s the thought that counts, why pay more?

Monday 10:00am- 5:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am- 5:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am- 5:00pm
Thursday 10:00am-5:30pm
Friday 10:00am-5:30pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm